Terms and Conditions

(Jan. 2021)

teamwork one is given the task of finding a suitable employee for the client, with the purpose of establishing an employment relationship.

The subject-matter of this contract is merely the placement, not the completion of a contract on behalf of the client.

The legal requirements between the client and the employee do not apply to teamwork one, neither do arrangements concerning industrial law

No placement will be made for a company involved in a strike or lockout.

teamwork one finds employees for clients, it does not establish the employer-employee relationship, though.

teamwork one commences its work upon receipt of either the completed order form or receipt of a letter or email with the requirements and commits to finding a suitable employee.

The client is requested to provide details regarding job specification and relevant information helpful for a successful placement.
Recruitment Fee / Guarantee

The basis of calculation for the agent’s commission is the annual gross pay.
This sum consists of the agreed fixed income and any pre-agreed fringe benefits. If any variable, additional income shares have been agreed, then 50 % of these shares will be considered in the calculation.

The amount of the agency fee depends on the duration of the guarantee period, the client can choose between a guarantee of 3 or 6 months. The specific placement fee is agreed individually with the client.

Should any staff that have been recruited by teamwork one for your company, leave the company within the agreed trial period we guarantee adequate replacement for the candidate at no additional cost.
In case no replacement can be offered we guarantee the full fee in form of a credit note.
The credit note has no time limitation.

The invoice will be sent as soon as the employee has started working for the client.

If the invoice is not paid within the specified payment period, teamwork one reserves the right to shorten the guarantee period or to cancel it completely.

The trial (guarantee) period is not to be regarded as a trial period required by legal or industrial law.

If a candidate who has been introduced by teamwork one to a client is employed within
12 months of introduction the recruitment fee will be charged.