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Sous Chef

Sous Chef Tournant für internationalen Cruiseliner mit bis zu 1000 Passagieren. Ein multikulturelles Team braucht Sie!

Looking for a Sous Chef Tournant (m/w) who should be able to fill every sous chef position within the hot galley section of a ultra-luxury cruisliner.

The company consistently receives awards for a multitude of features, the ships sail around the globe.


It can accommodate up to 1000 guests and offers a variety of dining experiences.


Contract: 12 months

4 - 5 months on / 2 months off

medically covered also during vacation

monthly salary appr. USD 3500 while onboard


The language onboard the vessels is English

For leisure time activities you have a fitness room, swimming pool, deck for sunbathing and a Crew Bar.

Of course you will have free meals which are served in the Crew/Officers Mess.

Smoking is not permitted in any of the messes.


You will have to share cabin. Please be aware that limited free space and living together with a fellow crew member may be a new and different experience.


Prior joining an Ocean Liner you need a C1D US Visa. A visa application may take several weeks.

And you will be required to take a Pre-Employment Medical Exam.


For further information please contact Elisabeth in Salzburg


Job Profile:


  • a chef certification or Culinary Institute Diploma
  • a minimum of 3 years professional experience in a five star hotel or onboard a cruiseliner
  • good teamleading and training skills
  • a good command of English, which is the official language onboard (the company will evaluate your competence by conducting an English test)
  • the awareness that you have limited free space and that all crew must attend various emergency drills and trainings onboard
  • a Basic Safety and Crowd Management Training (STCW) before joining the ship
  • a high degree of patience and understanding towards different nationalities


Kindly note that no visible Tatoos/Piercings are allowed !


The Uniform is provided by the company and will be handed out onboard.

There are no joining fees or costs when joining the ship. Your medical examination, visas and travel expenses are paid (back) by the company once you are onboard.

Flight tickets to and from the vessel will be organized for you.


Applicants please send a detailed Curriculum Vitae, a photo, relevant certificates and references and a copy of passport to

Further on I or my client will forward all necessary documents, joining papers and forms together with complete instructions.